Saving Screen Images

Viewing live student screens is important. Sometimes, you want to save those images for review or for documentation. With the new capture tool, simply click on the screen then download. It automatically names the JPG with the account information and the timestamp for easy retrieval.  


Screen View Upgrade

The Screen View feature has been upgraded. The new code has resulted in much faster response time and higher resolution images. In individual view, you can see the active screen and all open tabs. Click on any screenshot to download it. In group view, you can see a whole classroom of devices. For individual attention, just click on a screen and it converts to the more detailed view.


Instant Filter Info

SecondSite now displays content filter information directly on the web history page. With each visited site, the application documents the category and whether the URL was allowed or blocked. This makes it much easier to see what’s going on instantly! This was a feature request from one of our schools in Ohio. Suggestions like this help make SecondSite even better! 


Database Upgrade

SecondSite is on the midst of a database upgrade. The change will occur in the next few weeks and will make both data collection and retrieval much faster. Stat tuned for good news coming soon!


Reporting For Duty

The left navigation menu features a brand new icon. "Reports" will allow you to better mine data SecondSite collected. They are designed in the Who? What? When? format to make building reports intuitive. After you select your criteria, you can send the results to the screen or download a CSV. Basic reports are ready to go, but be sure to look for more options coming soon!


Action, Take Two

With all the new features lately, the Action menu was getting crowded. Now, it's been redesigned as a button with a drop down list of everything your staff can do: from screen viewing to blocking browsing. Soon, the new look will be incorporated into all screens throughout the application. Check it out and make sure to take Action!


Allow URL

No content filter is perfect. There are times when a site is blocked that you may wish to permit on your domain. For example, you could set up SecondSite's content filter to block image hosting sites. The next day, students complain that they can no longer access prezi.com. Instead of unblocking the entire category, you can use the new action menu item to "Allow URL." This will permit the website from that point on. You can check the allowed sites by going to Content Filter: Custom on the left hand menu.